Smt. Chinamma Basappa Patil, Arts & Commerce Degree College, Chincholi

Established in 1983
Affiliated to Gulbarga University, Kalaburagi and
NAAC Accreditation B+ Grade


Program outcomes, program specific outcomes and course outcomes for all programs offered by the Institution 


programs offered by the Institution all are stated and displayed on website along with all Program outcomes, program specific outcomes and course outcomes. All students are apprised of the objectives and expected outcomes of their programme on admission during the compulsory Orientation programs. Students are also educated and provided with the detailed syllabus and course outcomes in each course and the assessment strategy for each course.

It represents the knowledge, skills and attitudes the students should have at the end of a course completion of their respective graduate program.

Course outcomes gives the knowledge and skills to the student at the end of each course.

B.A. Course : Students studying in B.A. programme will acquire knowledge in

Student seeking admission for B.A. programme is expected to flavoring with following quality which help them in their future life to achieve the expected goals.


Specific program outcomes like:

  1. Creating interest in literature and Availing job opportunities in translation
  2. Spoken communication and written communication
  3. Creating awareness about changing Indian economy, economic policies and theories
  4. Getting the knowledge of the works of social reformers all over the nation
  5. Knowing the significance of social institution, caste system, religion, nationalism, integrity, equity and justice
  6. Study of national and international political affairs
  7. Understanding the Government mechanism, its functions, duties and responsibilities.
  8. To understand the basic themes, Concepts, Chronology & the scope of Indian History.
  9. Critically recognize the social, Political, Economic & Cultural Aspects of History.


B.Com. Course: Students studying in B.Com course develop the following skills:

1. They develop managerial skills

2. Entrepreneurial skill

3. Budgeting policy

4. Human resource management

5. Numerical ability Apart from these, they develop

Course specific outcome like:

1. Understanding basic concepts of accountancy, principles of accountancy and accounting cycle to maintain accounts

2. Preparation of income statements, balance sheet etc.

3. Knowledge of various provisions of income tax act and their applications

4. Auditing procedure etc