Smt. Chinamma Basappa Patil, Arts & Commerce Degree College, Chincholi

Established in 1983
Affiliated to Gulbarga University, Kalaburagi and
NAAC Accreditation B+ Grade


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Establishment of Smt. Chinnamma Basappa Patil Degree College of Arts & Commerce, Chincholi:
During presidency of Dr. B. G. Jawali at HKE Society the institution was established on June 1983 at Chincholi on the name of Smt. Chinnamma Basappa Patil Arts and Commerce College and which is affiliated to Gulbarga University, Gulbarga. Beginning there were only 60-70 students enrolled in the college and founder principal was Prof. C. R. Bada.

Service of the Principals to the institution:
Prof. C.R. Bada is a person who is known as a milestone and icon of HKE Society who has contributed tremendous effort in establishing and developing many institutions and colleges of HKES.

He is the founder principal of Chincholi college and the main person in establishing this college and contributed in taking permission and affiliation to college, land purchase by government through society with former president Dr. B.G. Jawali and he has taken hard labour and efforts to bring out the college grant-in-aid and taken special interest in beautifying the campus, garden and worked in the development of academic progress of students and staff.

Prof. B.R. Konda took the charge as Principal from Prof. C.R. Bada. In the initial stage he started our classes in Govt. P.U. College at Chincholi and efforts were made to secure site for constructing Degree college building. At the same time cultural programmes were introduced like N.S.S, etc.

After B.R. Konda Prof. S.S. Hiremath served as an incharge Principal and during his period efforts were made to get aid to construct the college building from the government and motivated students towards the sports and in other activities. He had laid limestone foundation for the college building and got aid to some of teaching and non-teaching staff. And got grant from U.G.C.

Prof. S.B. Durgi served as a principal of the college. At the same time Shri. Basavarajappa Appa was the president of HKES. During his period 2 acres of land has been bought for the development of the college.

Prof. G.S. Bandak served as a new principal of the college after Prof.S.B.Durgi meantime he made more efforts for the development of the college like construction of new building and beautiful comfortable, Guest house then the college started in its own building and this college has well furnished classrooms, library, principal chamber, staff room and ladies room. At the same time various trees have been planted and made a lawn around the college campus to beautify the atmosphere of the college.

From beginning itself the college had good faculties, senior most professor Shri. G.B. Hirapur who was serving as a sociology lecturer along with the principalship for the time being. During his period Hon'ble Sri.Veerendra Patil, Chief Minister of Karnataka laid the foundation stone for the construction of new building. At the same time Dr.B.G.Jawali was the president of the HKE Society.

Principal of the college Prof.C.R.Bada and other staff members made a great effort to get a aid to the college but not succeeded. And later Prof. S. S. Hiremath served as an incharge principal of the college during his period the college got regularized. Later on Prof. H. Kamshetty served as a principal.

During the service of Prof. H. Kamshetty the college got many facilities like the college has adopted kannada as the medium of instruction. The UGC recognition under sections 2f and 12b which was obtained in 1998. In IXth plan period college development grant sanctioned for library building. Then the college offered B.A. & B.Com degrees of the Gulbarga University in the popular Arts / Commerce areas. And that point of time only the salaryless faculties got salary.

At the same time Prof. M. N. Patil served as Grade-I Principal of the college. During his period the college were developed in all the sectors. Later on Prof.G.G. Goudapgol served as incharge principal of the college. Meanwhile the statue of Matoshri Chinnamma Basappa Patil was unveiled at the college campus.

Then Prof. Basavaraj Ambalagi became the principal of the college. During his period the college got B+ grade from the NAAC Peer Committee and got donation of 35 Lakhs for the development of library building, examination hall and computerization of the office. At the same time many backward students got free computer education. After service of Prof. Basavaraj Ambalagi, Prof. M. N. Patil became the incharge Principal of the college. During his time started the P.U. Science College where there was no science college found throughout the area of Chincholi and unveiled the statue of Saraswati in the college campus.

This institution was established in 1983 but now it has completed almost 25 years of service that is why this institution is celebrating Silver Jubilee after fulfillment of 25 years with grand ceremony. Now there is a well known figure and most literary person who is known as Smt. Dr. Vijayalaxmi Kosagi is the principal of the college.